CST 04: The State of Social Media w/ Chasity Copper


In this episode, Nia talks to her good friend Chasity Cooper of Wine With Chas and newly minted Co-founder of the Well Space about the State of Social Media. Social media isn't going anywhere, we need to begin using it intentionally to avoid overwhelm and crippled. Chasity and Nia walk you through how to do so while having a fun conversation. Enjoy!

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CST 03: How to leverage your feelings in business w/ Janel Martinez

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In this episode, Nia is joined by Janel Martinez, founder of Ain't I Latina and co-founder of 20/20 Shift. They pick up on a conversation started in their DMs on Instagram about leveraging your feelings in business. Janel drops some incredible gems on women's intuition, how to use it in your business and your careers, and the powerful combination of intuition and data. Forget all the conventional advice about your feelings in business and professional settings. In fact, the future belongs to the emotionally intelligent.  

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Podcast Episode 02: What is emotional labor?


A topic rarely discussed but impacting women on a daily basis. Nia is joined by creative strategist Narsha Njoya to dig in on how they've both experienced emotional labor. As a business owner, mother, and wife, Narsha knows just how much it takes to maintain emotional wholeness. She shares her insights. Plus Nia shares the highlight of the week. 

Highlight of the Week: 20/20 Shift introduces Knac.

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