CreativeSmartGirl is the online platform and membership hub for ambitious, creative, and smart women doing the work to build the career, life, and style of their dreams. 



We believe that every single one of us can achieve the things we dream of, if we are willing to do the work and take advantage of every single opportunity that’s placed before us. 


Here’s the truth:

Sometimes the journey can be lonely, challenging and unpredictable.

Being a creative, an entrepreneur or just a hustler and turning your ideas into a reality is like walking an obstacle course blindfolded… you feel alone, you feel afraid. You have no clue what’s coming next, but find the courage to take the next steps.

You have no clue what’s coming next, but find the courage to take the next steps



We have to just stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve, learn as much as we can, get inspired,
build a network of support around ourselves, keep going and keep the faith.



"The genius thing that we did was we didn't give up."



Have You Ever Felt Like:

  • You have working really hard, determined to make your dreams come but you’re not seeing any progress.

  • You’re excited about your ideas, but have absolutely no idea where to begin?

  • You’ve got a million ideas and you’re not sure which one is going to work out the best, so you remain stagnant?

  • You want to ‘make it happen’, but you just don’t have a clue how to do it?

  • You feel like you’re failing, you’re fed up and just want to give up on your dream?

  • You started your business to have more freedom and a life you loved, but you feel more overwhelmed than you ever felt before and you’re not sure how much longer you can carry on for?

  • You feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know any other like-minded people to talk to about what you’re going through building your business?

If so, you’re NOT alone! All of us have been there. 


How Can We Help?

Here are the kind of things you will find going on here:


Monthly Twitter Chats
An hour-long dose of inspiration to help you succeed on the first Wednesday of EVERY month. Our chats cover a wide range of topics, from self-care, and self-doubt, to how to collaborate with brands. Checkout the hashtag here. If you haven’t joined a twitter chat before, start here.

We publish regular content on our blog, including How-To's, tips & tricks, and more to help you build the career, life, and style of your dreams. Read the latest here.

The Collaboration Hub
Our private Facebook group is where you get the opportunity to share your creativity, support other creative smart girls and find ways to collaborate. With over 150 members, it’s a buzzing hub of activity and inspiration. Join us here.

The Creative Smart List
Our weekly-curated list of the best in Creative Smart Girl Content and creativity from all over the world delivered to your inbox every Sunday. Get the list here.

The Creative Smart Shop
Our online store with original and curated products from the creative smart girl community. Coming soon. 

The Members’ Hub
An online hub where you can mingle with like-minded women from around the world and get the support you need to succeed. Coming soon.

Instagram Live
Our Instagram page is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. With over 2,000 followers it’s a lovefest for creative and smart women. We also host takeover with industry experts answers your most pressing questions and once a month we host ‘Day In the Life of a Creative Smart Girl on Instagram stories. Visit our page here.


Our Story

It started with a blog post, a twitter hashtag, and a Twitter chat. After five years of blogging and not really reaching my goals, I wrote a blog post about how difficult building an online brand truly is. I really was at the point of giving up. The response blew me away and connected me to my audience. 

I decided to start the Creative Smart Girl twitter hashtag and the monthly twitter chat to discuss solutions to some of our most challenging obstacles.  Today, the chat reaches about 2 million people.  Now, I’m ready to solve even more of your problems through content, services, products, and live experiences. 


Our Mission

To help you maintain control of your life, while thriving in your career/biz, and slaying in your heels. It ain’t easy but someone’s got to do it and that someone might as well be you.


Our Values



We embrace creativity in all things. No matter what obstacles we may face we know that every challenge can be overcome with a bit of creativity.


Has been a powerful strategic part of our plans. By working with other amazing women and their brands we simultaneously widen our reach while adding value to each other’s brands.  


We care about you deeply. We understand that behind very brand, every blog posts, every picture, and social media post there is a real person with real dreams and a tremendous about of heart. It’s with this deep care that we craft our content, services, products, and live experiences. 


We reject self-doubt, comparison, and stress. We will move confidently in the direction of our dreams. 


We do the work with integrity and authenticity. We’re committed to being people of strong character.